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Lilí Footís Philosophy

At Lilí Foot Childcare we strongly believe that all children need love, time, attention, patience and respect. We believe in providing a safe environment in which children will develop to their highest potential. We will provide a healthy, safe, caring environment in which your children will learn through play as well as have fun. We will commit to creating a program that is safe and secure where children are encouraged to use their words to solve problems as well as to express their feelings and ideas. We will provide a balanced program that is not only fun but also educational. We will meet the social, physical, emotional, cognitive and creative needs of all of our children.

We believe in working with parents to find out the individual needs of our children. Our success in working with families depends on hearing from them. We understand that every family is different. We value your thoughts and ideas and welcome your input into our program. We respect family relationships and believe that when parents and caregivers communicate, childrenís needs are met more effectively and it enhances childrenís learning.

Our Staff

Crissy Felker is the primary teacher and owner of Lilí Foot. She graduated from TRU with a certificate in Early Childhood Education in 2001. She has been working in the childcare field in Kamloops ever since. She is dedicated to working with families to provide quality childcare to the children in her community.